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8 thoughts on “ New Left

  1. The New Left refers to radical, often Communist or anarchist, political parties and movements which emerged in the United States, Western Europe, Japan, Mexico and elsewhere during the s.
  2. New Left synonyms, New Left pronunciation, New Left translation, English dictionary definition of New Left. n. A political movement originating in the United States in the s, especially among college students, marked by advocacy of radical changes in.
  3. The New Left was a collection of leftist groups in the US and UK that sprang up in the early s as a reaction to, on the one hand, the perceived timidity of liberalism on such issues as racial equality and the Vietnam War; and, on the other, the thoroughly discredited and powerless "Old Left" of the Communist Party USA and its various Trotskyist enemies.
  4. New Left, a broad range of left-wing activist movements and intellectual currents that arose in western Europe and North America in the late s and early ’60s. Often regarded as synonymous with the student radicalism of the s, which culminated in the mass protests of (most notably the events of May in France), it may also refer more narrowly to particular segments within or alongside .
  5. Definition of new left in the creddaddezotopka.tibednietekingsatosilchambtochloci.infoinfo dictionary. Meaning of new left. What does new left mean? Information and translations of new left in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions .
  6. As the name suggested, the New Left defined itself against the old Left, meaning both dogmatic Marxists and mainstream American liberals.
  7. New Left definition: a loose grouping of left-wing radicals, esp among students, that arose in many | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  8. The Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) was one the most influential radical organizations of the s and remains closely associated with the term "New Left." Founded in , the organization took on a new mission after the Johnson administration escalated the war in Vietnam, launching a campaign of antiwar actions.

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